When you watch foreign detective movies, you marvel at the manner in which the police crackdown on criminals and solve supposedly complicated crimes.

You see the best of science and technology in action during forensic examinations and you think “it can only be in movies”.

But do you know that these plots are not far from what obtains in developed countries and can be achieved in Nigeria too?

This is because sophisticated forensic knowledge and technology are available in Nigeria through the Computer Forensics Institute, Nigeria (CFIN).

Nollywood started with a few producers spotting the opportunity in the home video business to create original content for homes.

Years down the line, Nollywood is producing blockbuster movies close in quality to the ones from Hollywood.

This is what the Nigerian government wants to achieve with digital forensics and the forensics business generally.

They have declared 2018 as the year for the forensics to become a sector in Nigeria and therein lies the opportunities for Nigerians.

Open Your Mind & Your Eyes

Founder of the CFIN, Dr Peter Olayiwola, described the several ways this can change the lives of many Nigerians.

There has been a high level of ignorance among Nigerians about the concept of forensic examination and he says we are all missing out on great opportunities.

He is an internationally certified forensic expert and he says that asides training police and law enforcement agents, you also can be like one of those “smart” private detectives you admire.

1. Human Rights

Many people are suffering unjustly in the courts because they are not even aware that they could be assisted by digital/electronic evidence, which is everywhere, but people don’t know.

Nigerians are clamouring that the Nigerian government should #EndSARS because of their habitual abandonment of logic for brutal force.

But many don’t know that digital forensics can set them free or that they can use it to fight for their rights.

“There are digital evidences everywhere, but most people are not aware, and the lawyers too are mostly analogue, and they don’t think digital when you take a case to them.

Part of the CFIN’s plan for 2018 is to further educate the public as well that “when they have a case, not everything is physical”.

“As a matter of fact, 85% of most cases today have digital evidence in them,” he said.

2. Employment

There is a big opportunity for unemployed people in Nigeria to become forensic examiners once they are trained.

The CFIN in 2018 is on a mission to produce private independent forensics experts and this is where the opportunity is.

The CFIN founder told Bounce News that most of the people that have been certified so far are law enforcement agents and these are mostly prosecutors when it comes to the law.

So, there is need for there to be forensic experts on the side of the defense and “we want to produce a particular number of them for each state of the federation.

“They will be able to approach the courts and with their ID cards, introduce themselves as forensic examiners and they will get jobs.”

We all know how some lawyers hang near police stations and get people to bail.

Now as a certified forensic examiner, there would be many people you can help for a fee.

3. Franchise Business

Being pioneers of the forensics business in Nigeria, the CFIN believes it is time to open the business up to other organisations to benefit and further expand the industry.

“It is very expensive to start a forensics company because of the equipment, software and other things you are going to need to start up.

“So, we are now setting up a situation whereby people can become a franchise in different states...we will train them and give them the same standard and they don’t necessarily have to own all the equipment required.

“When they have major jobs that require those equipment, they can come to us, bring the evidence down, do the work, get the result out and move on.

Now, imagine how many companies, small businesses, big corporations and even public institutions across the country that require the services of a forensic laboratory at different times.


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