The hard truth is that some of the best jobs will never be advertised.

News of such openings will be passed along the grapevine and eventually snagged by a lucky few who happen to be in touch with the right person at the right time.

This is why it's so important to always maintain a robust network, because you never know when you could leverage on it for a life-changing opportunity.

But asides having a solid network, there are other effective ways to land plum jobs. Here are 3 effective tips to landing the juicy jobs that never make it to job sites.

1. Follow companies and professionals you're interested in: When searching for your first job or transitioning into a new industry, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to do thorough research. When you’ve collected enough information about your industry of choice, it saves you time and makes it easier to make the right decisions. The next step is to start identifying the companies you’d ideally like to work for. In this way you’ll be able to recognise the jobs fit for you and you’ll have the confidence to chase after them. In making the decision of whom to follow you may want to consider your interests - brands/professionals you admire.

2. Narrow down your list and continue with researching: After making an exhaustive list of brands/people that pique your interest, you can then narrow down your list to the companies or people who truly inspire you. Follow this up with a look into their backgrounds - what you want to achieve from that is to get a sense of what the personalities of the company leaders are like, what they stand for and if the work environments that they’ve created would be a right fit for you.

Once you’re happy with your findings, it’s time to drop a mail or call the HR department to find out about the company’s hiring policy. Some companies may release their vacancies once a year, while others will look for candidates as and when new opportunities become available. Beyond contacting HR, visit the company’s website to check out what positions are available on their career page and if any interest you. Make an effort to pay attention to how each of the jobs are categorised and the language that is used to describe the positions. This information will give you a better idea about what it’s like to work for that company.

3. Go out and mingle: So you've narrowed down the list to your ultimate inspirations, now go out and mingle with them. But how does one mingle with a company executive you've never crossed paths with, you may ask? By attending industry related events. So, does your company of interest have an event coming up? If it’s open to the public, you need to make your way there. Industry events, such as conferences and workshops are also a great way to connect and gain insight into a prospective employer. There are always large events and exhibitions in many industries, so take the time to seek out these opportunities. Potential employers love it when you show face, and they remember individuals who take the time out of their schedules to visit industry events and engage with them.

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