So you've been job hunting without success despite that seemingly perfect CV. But wait - is that CV really selling your market well?

Often times, we think we have the perfect CV but you'd be surprised at the silly mistakes CVs can sometimes contain, and no one knows this better than recruiters who are trained to spot every last detail.

That's exactly why we've teamed up with the guys at Careers 24 who've shared with us some silly mistakes that can sometimes cost a candidate that job.

Check them out below:

1. You're using the same CV for every job application: If you've been doing this, then you need to stop it fast. Every job, regardless of the fact that they could be in the same field, is different. If your CV is not personalised to each job you're applying for, you won’t look any different from the other applicants. Most job seekers emphasise what makes them great employees, which means most CVs contain the same overused phrases. Stand out from the crowd by being a lot more honest and clear about why you’d be perfect in that specific role – not just why you’re a good employee. Also add what about the company attracted you the most.

2. Your contact details are wrong: As ridiculous as this sounds, candidates sometimes miss out a number or email address making it impossible for a recruiter to reach them. So, ensure that you’ve added your most recent email address and phone number in all your documents. Also, if you’ve deleted (or are no longer active on) any of your old social media accounts, make sure you remove all references to them on your CV too. Do not tell the hiring manager they can contact you via your social media accounts, especially if your privacy settings are activated.

3. Adding irrelevant information: Be sure to rid your CV of unnecessary career history such as redundant skills, certifications and affiliations and keep things current and relevant to the job you're applying for. Also, the right order in which your CV should be arranged is to start from your most recent job and back track till your educational qualification.

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