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It's your daily weather report and we're serving it to you fresh.

The temperature in Lagos is 25°C, rising to 29°C with hazy sunshine in the morning and a bit of clouds to be experienced later in the day.

Weather Report For 18.09.18

Abuja is 20°C, rising to 27°C. It would be mostly cloudy with thunderstorms expected during the latter part of the day.

Weather Report For 18.09.18

Ibadan is also expected to rise to 29°C from 22°C and mostly cloudy all day with a possibility of thunderstorms.

Port Harcourt is 20°C and is expected to rise to 23°C. It will be cloudy with some possibility of rain in some parts of the city.

In Kano, it will be partly sunny and warm through the day, temperature should rise to 36°C.

Weather Report For 18.09.18

With the possibility of rain in most parts of the country, you don't want to leave your umbrella behind!