Good Morning Bounce People,

The temperature in Lagos is 24°C, rising to 30°C with intermittent clouds and showers.

Weather Report For 02.10.18

Abuja is 20°C, rising to 26°C and the day is going to be mostly cloudy with some thunderstorm. 

Weather Report For 02.10.18

Ibadan is also expected to rise to 30°C from 22°C. It will be mostly cloudy all day.

Port Harcourt is 20°C and is expected to rise to 23°C. There is some possibility of rain in parts of the city after midday.

In Kano, it will be mostly sunny and warm through the day, temperature is 23°C and should rise to 35°C.

Do have a great day!

Riddle Me This...

I can’t be seen, found, heard or smelled. I lie behind stars and under hills, I fill empty holes, come first and follow after. What am I?

Answer - The dark