Una good morning o. 

Our Bounce People, we don come with your daily weather report.

The temperature in Lagos is 24°C, rising to 29°C with clouds in the morning and intermittent rain to be experienced later in the day.

Weather Report For 27.09.18

Abuja is 21°C, rising to 25°C and the day is going to be mostly sunny with small rain likely to occur.

Weather Report For 27.09.18

Ibadan is also expected to rise to 30°C from 22°C. It would be mostly cloudy all day with the possibility of thunderstorm in the afternoon.

Port Harcourt is 20°C and is expected to rise to 24°C. It would be partly cloudy through the rest of the day.

In Kano, it will be mostly sunny and very warm through the day, temperature is 21°C and should rise to 35°C.

Weather Report For 27.09.18

Today won't be as hot as yesterday. So, make sure you have some fun.

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