Kyau safe. Ututu Oma. E kaaro. Una good morning o. 

Our Bounce People, we don come with your daily weather report.

The temperature in Lagos is 24°C, rising to 30°C. It would be hazy in the morning and a bit of clouds to be experienced later in the day with a slight chance of thunderstorm.

Weather Report For 20.09.18

Abuja is 21°C, rising to 27°C and the day is going to be mostly sunny.

Weather Report For 20.09.18

Owerri, the Imo state capital, is also expected to rise to 30°C from 22°C. It would be mostly cloudy with the possibility of thunderstorm before noon.

Port Harcourt is 20°C and is expected to rise to 25°C. It could be partly sunny through the rest of the day with light rains after midday.

In Kano, it will be mostly sunny and warm through the day, temperature is 21°C and should rise to 36°C.

Weather Report For 20.09.18

You may want to go light on your choice of clothing. The umbrella could also take a well earned rest at home.