Kyau safe. Ututu oma. E kaaro. Una good morning o. 

Our Bounce People, how was your weekend? We don come with your daily weather report.

The temperature in Lagos is 24°C, rising to 30°C with hazy sunshine in the morning and a bit of sunny skies to be experienced later in the day with a slight chance of a thunderstorm in the evening.

Weather Report For 18.09.18

Abuja is 20°C, rising to 26°C and the day is going to be mostly cloudy with a small thunderstorm likely to occur in some areas during the latter part of the day.

Ibadan is also expected to rise to 30°C from 22°C and mostly cloudy all day with the possibility of a thunderstorm later at night.

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Port Harcourt is 22°C and is expected to rise to 24°C and partly sunny through the rest of the day with the possibility of rain in some parts of the city in the afternoon.

Weather Report For Tuesday 11.09.18

In Kano, it will be mostly sunny and very warm through the day, temperature is 23°C and should rise to 35°C.

With the wind beneath your sails, do have a great week ahead!

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