Dark and daring laced with supernatural goodness, “Sylvia” is a romantic thriller with an underlining paranormal ambition.

From the first scene, you will think you know what to expect, but ‘Sylvia’  surprises you at every turn.

It engages all the auditory and visual senses from start to finish.

Chris Attoh stars as Richard Okezie, an advertising guru, who right from his childhood, meets up with Sylvia (Zaniab Balogun).

Sylvia is his friend, the shoulder he cries on and the one person he shares his innermost thoughts.

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The only problem is, she is in his dreams, so, when he falls in love with Gbemi played by the talented Ini Dima Okojie, he reminds Sylvia that she is not real.

He tells her he has found love in the real world 'her services are no longer required’. So, from the land of dreams Sylvia plots her revenge on Richard for his betrayal.

This is the premise on which this film draws its audience into the movie and keeps them fixed, as they wonder if Sylvia would succeed in her plan.

In ‘Sylvia’ director, Daniel Oriahi adds more value to the stereotypical romantic comedy movies that litter the cinemas, as the film combines various elements that any Nigerian will find juicy.

The story tries and succeeds at showing the complexities of keeping love relationships in the real world and in an alternate universe (spirit or dream world).

The acting, cinematography and music combine to provide the right atmosphere and tempo for the movie.

The acting is topnotch, every emotion, every line is brought to life by the stars on screen, keeping each dialogue or activity in sync with the plot.

Zainab Balogun’s facial expressions are award winning, as she switches from having a loving face that could melt any man’s heart, to a haughty face that could send a chill down your spine.

Even the supporting roles are vital to the outcome of the film,  with Richard’s best friend, Obaru (Udoka Onyeka), and the nurse played by busty actress Bolaji Ogunmola all pushing the story with their near perfect interpretation to its ‘glorious end’.

The film throws in some dark and light humour, so Nigerians who like to watch films with exaggerated comedy, would not be disappointed.

For example, in a scene where Obaru and Richard were joking about dating both men and women, the manner in which the bar man flirts with Obaru is hilarious, and the facial expression on Chris Attoh’s face each time he sees a red hibiscus  (This is the flower Sylvia offers Richard every time they meet in his dream) is funny and worrisome at the same time.

The film is a breath of fresh air and the right medicine after getting cinema induced 'romantic comedy' constipation.

It premieres in cinemas on September 21.

Bounce News gives Sylvia 4




4-Very Good


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