This is a continuation of our series on What to do to grow financially in recession

Please, read the part1 first.

4.     Financial Integrity: This is one thing that has brought so many businesses down. For anyone to grow financially, that person must be trust worthy, eschew every form of deceit for there is a curse in the house of the thief – Zach 5:4.

There mus t be a form of record taking that will enable you know how much is being invested, what is coming in as profit and how much will be reinvestetd.

Many persons will tell you that Yahoo boys and those launching different Ponzi schemes have made good money. But there is always a curse following their wealth. How many of these persons have moved from these scams to establishing flourishing businesses with the proceeds of their loot. I am sure we know so many of these scammers that have gone bankrupt to the point of selling their flashy cars like it was peanuts.

Do not envy the wicked for their ill-gotten wealth has a way of flaying away with wings like bird, diminishing before their very eyes with their schemes not able to come to their rescue. Proverbs 23: 5 and Proverbs 13:11 give insight to this.

For an individual to grow his/her investment, the person must be thrift. That is one quality that all rich people have in common. They know what to buy, when to buy and when not to buy.

So many people have spent money they could have invested on buying Gala and soft drink in Lagos traffic. Most of the persons that buy these items buy not because they are hungry, but because they felt like chewing and drinking something.

If there is anything to master at this time, it is knowing how to discipline your urge and base your purchases on needs and not wants. Remember your scale of preference, for in it lies financial decisions that will grow your money. If you have forgotten it, study it again.

5.     Be Divinely Guided: Most people take some financial decisions so much in a hurry, without getting divine guidance from God whom they claim is their father. Will you decide to go to higher institution without informing your father or whoever it is that will make provision for your school fees? It is the same thing that every child of God must do. For those that are led by the Spirit of God are His children.

Until Peter was divinely guided to cast nets at a particular direction by Jesus Christ he caught nothing toiling all night.

Divine guidance comes from studying the word of God, fearing God and putting to practice that which you have studied.

The amount of the word of God that Jesus Christ carried inside of Him gave him the power to overcome Satan when He was tempted.

6.     Speak Right: So many persons are snared by the word of their mouth. Their tongue has mastered proclamation of negative words and they have failed to bridle it, so, they eat the fruit thereof.

The economy is bad. Things are not working. This business is not growing, they say, even when their are proofs that their claims are mere assertions.

Many statements in this form have come out from the mouth of many at this time of recession and some of them who want to double their finances have ended up being swindled of the little they had.

Focus on how to put the little money you have to work, nurture it and watch it grow and you will be happy for it. Ecc 5:6 warns us to be careful of the things that we say since we cannot tell the angles that they were spoken in error. Once angels carry your pronouncements, they will do everything to make it come to pass as you have spoken.

Most Children of Israel did not enter into the promise land because they said they cannot defeat the persons occupying the land – "We will not be able to enter," they said, and God said: “As you have spoken in my ears, so will I do to you”. Numbers 14: 28. Biddle your tongue for out of it comes issues of life.

7.     Rejoice Always: There is a good thing that happens to the joyful heart - the mind is kept free to do proper reasoning. No matter the circumstances around you, rejoice and give God thanks for by so doing, you open your mind up for ideas to come in. Ideas rule the world and he that keeps his heart free from burden of the time opens himself up to God.

Remember that God does not dwell in a heart that is not rejoicing for in the presence of God there is fullness of joy. Until you are in that realm of joy in your heart, God cannot tabernacle with you. And when God tabernacles with a man, that man has no option than to prosper. Obed-Edom's experience is a pointer to this fact 2 Samuel 6:11.

Apply these few principles to your life at this time and watch what transformation you will experience in your finance. Bounce with these words for they are alive.