“I’m yet to recover from the traumatic experience I went through that day. It was like a dream because everything happened so fast”.

Damilola Adeyanju says he was in shock when he and his friend where christened robbery suspects by police officers. 

They were on their way to Lagos when police officers attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad stopped the bus they boarded to conduct a random search.

Adeyanju, who spoke exclusively to Bounce News said that they had to rally round to get the money as the police were threatening to jail them.

He said he was so scared for his life and that of his friend because they were in the middle of nowhere.

After a while they were taken to the police station in Warri Delta State where they were detained for 10 hours.

It took the intervention of the mother of one of his friends who resides in Warri to facilitate their bail.

While narrating his ordeal, Damilola said, “We all came down and were searched. They then proceeded to our bags where they found a laptop belonging to one of us. 

They asked for the receipt and the owner told them he’s had it for years and doesn’t have it on him after which they grabbed his phone from him.

“Getting to me, I also had my laptop and they requested for the receipt as well, I said I don’t have it on me, then he (SARS guy) called one of his colleagues to take the laptop to their patrol pickup truck and told us to go stand by the truck.

"The next thing we saw was them bringing out statement forms and called one of the other 4 guys to the front, stripped him off his shirt and was told to sit on the floor. 

"The officer started asking the guy questions and writing the statement for the guy, and at some point started whipping him with wire. The guy's back tore and started bleeding from the beating. Out of fear and pain the guy was saying different stories. 

"We got handcuffed until my friends (the bride's) mom came to our rescue. The cuffs were later taken off but then they said we were in possession of stolen phones and laptops that they won't be given back to us until we provide the receipts.

“The following day, we went back and paid 80,000 Naira to them before our laptops were released”

He said even though he couldn’t get the names of the officers involved, he can identify them facially if he sees them.

The officers according to him were smart enough not to mention their names throughout the incident and their names were also not on their uniforms.

He said: “I had to use the power of social media to share my experience first but I have also sent a mail to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police for further actions”.