Food is one thing that most parents strive to provide for their children but for Alfa, it is something different.

He lives at number 24 Owodunni Street in Ketu area of Lagos State and he is popularly referred to as Alfa. His wife is a seamstress who works for a fashion designer for a monthly wage and they have three children - a 6-year old boy and 2-year old twin girls.

Alfa, who is in his early 40s, may love his children but when it comes to food, the true nature of his love for them is seen. He does not offer them food or let them eat with him.

A neighbour, who requested not to be named, told Bounce News that "he drives them away and locks the door each time he wants to eat". 

This leaves the children hungry and having to wait until their mother returns before they can eat.

This has reduced the children to begging for food when they see neighbours eating.

Their father's attitude has kept his neighbours amazed, as they have continue to question why he hates eating with his children or giving them food.

Alfa, who reportedly works with a printing company, goes to the extent of hiding somewhere to eat, just to make sure he eats the food alone.

"Few days ago, he bought cooked rice from a hawker and instead of taking the food inside to eat, he hid in a barber's shop in front and ate because his wife was inside. 

"The owner of the shop then asked, 'Alfa where is your wife's own? Won't you go inside and eat with her?' He said no oh! Everybody dey find him own food (Everyone should fend for themselves)."

Bounce News also learnt that his wife usually prepares food when she returns from work which everyone in the house will eat, including Alfa.

Several attempts and caution by neighbours to make Alfa provide adequately for his children have been pushed aside by the man.

When neighbours got tired of talking, they resorted to giving the slim looking children food whenever they could.

Several questions come to mind. Does he truly love the children? Does he have a different feeling about them? Is the Lagos State law that requires a man to take responsibility for his children dully implemented?