Alex was whisked away from his house in the middle of the night on Sunday,April 23, by 3 hefty men. They came for his life.

Alex sat at the reception of the Office of the Public Defender(OPD), with eyes looking as if he was about to cry, he had not had proper sleep for days, and could not shake off the thought of the death threat in his head.

"We were sent to kill you, but we do not want to kill you, but you have to leave Lagos now, if not we will kill you next time we see you", the killers told him.

He came to the Office of The Public Defender because he believes it is his landlord who is after his life. 

It all started with a push.

The restaurateur, who just moved from Port Harcourt claims that the landlord who owns the building where his eatery is located in Ikotun Egbe, broke the door open, and when his 7 months pregnant wife confronted the landlord, he pushed her down.

Alex called the police and had the landlord arrested, but that was only the beginning of many more problems.

The landlord swore in front of witnesses, including police officers, that he will deal with Alex for making him spend time in jail.

After running from the Ikotun Egebe Police station to Idimu Area Command, the case ended up in the police Lagos headquarters at Alausa, where Alex was advised to go the Office Of The Public Defender (OPD).

He was scheduled to meet his OPD lawyer on Monday April 24 when he got a courtesy call from the assassins on Sunday night.

Three of them were armed with AK-47 rifles.

They broke into his house, blind folded him and whisked him away. It was at this unknown destination he was warned to leave Lagos or die.

Presently, he cannot go home and he cannot protect his wife who is still pregnant and in hospital.

Alex says he feels he is floating between heaven and hell. He was visibly shaken and unsettled all through his chat with Bounce News.

"Sometimes I feel like running away but when I remember my wife and my unborn child. I decide to stay.

"This is our first baby after 7 years of marriage, they are important to me" he mumbled with fear practically written on his face.