Following the arrest of some girls believed to be members of two known notorious cults groups in Enugu - Viron Queens and White Angels, our reporter in the hill city dug deeper into the secrets of .

Though the White Angels have been in existence for a while, the new Viron Queens are more vicious and prominent.

A former top leader of VQ, who has denounced her membership is  undergoing rehabilitation in a prayer house in Enugu.

She granted an exclusive interview to Bounce News and revealed the secret activities of this cult group.

“The Viron Queens are like normal teenage girls but no, nothing is normal about them. Before your initiation, you have been selected for a particular mission and that’s why once an order is given for you to be brought into the fold, it will take the Grace of God for you to escape it (styles used in wooing a member will be a story for another time).

“Once you are in, you will be made ruthless through various means ranging from rough sex to drinking of alcohol down to inhaling of dangerous substances. The idea is to make you understand that your body is nothing hence it can be used for anything. Almost all our members are lesbians.”

Blood Covenant

According to her, “this is followed by a blood covenant which is to make sure you keep all secrets secret. The initiation is done to coincide with the day of night vigil of the church of the person involved.

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Incest As A Weapon

“If the girl is not a housemaid, she will be made to steal from her parents to finance the birthday parties of our members and other activities. If the money is not forthcoming as expected from the girl and her father is very rich, she will be taught how to seduce the father and start sleeping with him. Once this is done, the father will be blackmailed into giving her any amount she demands.”

House Helps Most Potent Weapons

Continuing, she said: “The house helps are our biggest weapon. These are the people that commits the bulk of the crime. Most of these maids do this in revenge to the wickedness of their stewards. They can arrange for your car to be stolen by making the spare key available for duplication. They can also give information on how the kids of the stewards can be kidnapped.

“We are demons pretending to be humans,” she said, and sobbed at this point.

Crime Syndicate

The former cult leader said Viron Queens are a tip of the ice berg of the larger crime syndicate that operates in the city.

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She said: “We as the leaders report to a higher authority. We don’t see them, but we speak with them through their assistants. They (the assistants) can come to an open place like a shopping mall and call you on phone where you will come to meet them.

“When you are with them, they will call their ‘Oga’ and give you the phone to talk to him. This is the person that will give you instructions on what to do and when to do it. It’s these Ogas that will tell you if there’s a particular girl they have interest in and you must go to recruit the person at all cost.”

Use of Aliases

“Every member of Viron Queens has a peculiar name and most times, it is the name of a fruit, city or a popular figure. These names serve as alias and makes it possible for us to discuss in the midst of people and they won’t know what we are talking about.

“Our members can be used to poison anyone that our higher authorities ask us to poison and they will supply the poisonous substance through their assistants.”

Message To Parents

In concluding, she said: “I am advising our parents to always search the school bags of their children and wards from time to time. Search their personal belongings and if you see anything you didn’t buy for them like clothes, earrings, necklace and most importantly a phone, ask serious questions. Please don't accept whatever she says.”

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