The feeling was that of a gracious escape from the unseen and unknown. 

You could see fear on the faces of passengers, as they complained about the strange item they saw, but the driver was less concerned about their worries.

He was more interested in the money he could make from the petrol he had concealed to deliver to an unknown destination. 

Petrol selling business has become a lucrative venture for many Nigerians and some do it without regards for lives that may be endangered.

On several occasions, vehicles have burnt, killing most occupants, without so much known as to why that happened.

Most affected are commercial buses.

Many families could have been thrown into mourning today, August 24, 2018, but for the prying eye of Bounce News that saved the day.

A Peace Mass Transit bus number ENU-647 XB and service number PMT 2675 at Ekeki Park in Bayelsa State had passengers boarded and headed for Ontsha, Anambra State.

But the driver had a shoddy transaction he needed to do, undermining the risk it posed to the lives of the 14 passengers in the bus.

peace mass transit bus engaging in fuel smuggling
Passengers expressed worries and questioned the driver before bags were loaded

After the passengers boarded, the driver headed to Tonimas Fuel Station few kilometres away from the park and was handed 9 strange luggage in sacks.

The passengers of the bus became uneasy, not knowing what the items were.

After the items were loaded in the vehicle, the stench of petrol began to make breathing nearly impossible for them.

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Startled, they began to question the driver over what was in the sack, but he showed less concern about their worries.

He continued and Bounce News correspondent who happened to be one of the passengers threatened to inform the police.

Her threat got the driver furious and he started punching her.

She immediately called the spokesman for the Police in Bayelsa State, Asinim Butswat, and he sent his men to intercept the vehicle.

Sighting the police, the driver of the vehicle abandoned his bus, ran into a Keke (auto rickshaw) nearby and asked the Keke man to take him out of the place.

The Police confiscated the bus and the items discovered to be petrol in gallons that are bagged.

peace mass transit bus engaging in fuel smuggling
Petrol in gallons bagged like common items

Peace Mass Transit was quickly contacted while the police said it would investigate further to ensure the driver was arrested.

After the arrest the police spokesman, commended the efforts of Bounce News and highlighted the need for commuters to pay good attention to items loaded in their vehicles.

He also emphasised the need for commercial bus users to report to the police the moment they suspect that illegal items were being loaded in their vehicle.

The passengers were full of thanks to God and the Bounce News correspondent.

Most commercial buses in Nigeria are not searched by security patrol teams on the highway and this smuggling of petrol in commercial buses highlights the need for proper check to be instituted by security agencies and even the transport companies to ensure that lives of passengers are not.

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