April 16, 2017 is one day that residents of a shanty at Fagba rail line area of Lagos State will never forget.

Not because it is Easter Day, as most of the dwellers are believed to be Muslims and may not see that day as special, but of a different circumstance they have had to face.

They had barely started their day when news filtered in that the Federal Government had come again to level the shanties, beginning from the area closer to the Oja Oba abattoir.

They have come from different parts of Nigeria to settle at the location, with most shanties build with just roofing sheets popularly called zinc and woods.

Excavators had come in to pull down the shanties while the dwellers, who appeared scuttled by the decision of the government to bring down the place run around to pick their belongings.

Fagba Shanty destruction.

It is not the first time that the government is coming to pull down the shanties to make room for rehabilitation of the rail line and also reduce the tragedy that could occur should a train by anytime derail at that location.

Several times, the shanties have been brought down but dwellers always rebuild them, making sure it comes alive like a cat with nine lives.

The levelling of the place, which even affected places of worship that had been set up by the dwellers, bear signs that there may be no come back this time.

One by one, dwellers pick up their belongings -foams, beds, roofing sheets, electronics and other items - as they begin relocation plans.

Fagba Shanty destruction.

Bounce News visited the location to see how dwellers were fairing with the compulsory relocation they had to make.

It looked like a dump site, absolutely wearing the looks of a place in ruins.

Different items scattered all over the place, as everyone tries to get hold of their belongings to arrange some they can still use at a corner while the iron rubbish are sold.

Shocking, however, is another activity going on at the location. Drugs were being sold freely like a city that had its own laws.

Young boys, some below 20 and others in their early 20s had gathered under an umbrella selling and buying hard drugs, mostly Indian hemp.

They are not afraid they would be caught but one thing they surely fear is a man with a camera phone taking pictures or making videos.

Drug adicts smoking at Fagba Shanty.

Their courage will leave anyone in no doubt about the likelihood of a covering that they may have. 

The government may have brought down the place, but making it stay level will successfully end these drug deals that happen there and also save the community of social ills.