Nigerians are willing to make sacrifices to ensure that developmental projects root in our society.

Classic examples are  residents and commuters around the intersection at Abule Egba area of Lagos State.

February 2016 marked a turnaround for businesses around the area when construction of a bridge that will ease traffic congestion began.

The turnaround was not positive but fraught with negative impact on business owners.

The usual busy Abule Egba is now a shadow of itself, scanty with less business activities. Vehicles that convey workers from their offices, with most of them stopping at the interjection to buy food stuff and other items, have disappeared.

It has been blocked due to the construction work. 

Abule Egba bridge plan

At least 4 banks - Unity, Zenith, Guaranty Trust Bank and Wema - one NNPC fuel station and other buildings housing different businesses were brought down.

Three other service stations, have also been partially closed, forcing them to send some of their workers away.

Vehicles that go through Abule Egba to Iyana Ipaja and even Agege, which usually spend hours in traffic, now go through Meiran or Awori bypasses.

While the Meiran bypass is still very motorable, navigation through Awori and other inner roads around Abule Egba is usually done through very dusty and rough roads.

The traffic situation on these bypasses in the morning and evening is usually hectic and exhausting. But Nigerians endured.

Months of construction and intense work by Craneburg Construction Company to make the bridge available for use have taken its toll on the inner roads around the area.

Most of the roads that were good before the construction began are now bad, making a 7 minutes journey through Abule Egba to Iyana Ipaja take between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The construction is supposed to last for 16 months.

Abule Egba Bridge Plan

It is 14 months down the line and joy is beginning to return to the people's faces. What started as a plan on a drawing board is now near physical completion.

The work is over 80% done and some officials of the Works Ministry, whose office is just by the bridge, are optimistic that the bridge would be commissioned in a month's time.

Bounce Newsvisited the location and the excitement that business owners around the bridge express is contagious.   

Tope said that the fuel station which use to have 8 attendants reduced to 2. For more than 20 minutes that Bounce Newsspent there, no vehicle rolled up to buy fuel.

“We are happy now that very soon the bridge will be opened and as you can see, every business around here was paralysed. No sales. We are just coming here and going back home without sales.

“We are expecting increase in sales in all our products,” he said.

Abule Egba bridge

The fuel station official, who said that the station had been down for more than a year now, is also happy that the traffic jam that commuters experienced everyday would no longer be there.

The bridge is a grade separation system consisting of two-lane dual carriageway reinforced concrete Flyover and two-lane roads on both sides at grade with signalised intersection.

At the commencement of the construction, the government said it would solve the persistent traffic.

Abule Egba Bridge Plan

Prior to this construction, workers that come from Sango Ota, Agbado, Ijaye and other communities in that axis will have to wake up as early as 4 a.m. to beat the traffic jam at the Abule Egba intersection.

The traffic jam is usually as a result of 'survival of the fittest' driving style of Lagosians. 

The bridge will now enable commuters heading to Iyana Ipaja and those coming from Iyana Ipaja climb on it while those heading to Agege or coming from that direction will now go under it.

This construction will ease movement and save man-hour usually lost to the daily traffic jam.

It will also increase business activities in the area since more vehicles will ply the route.  We hope it will be maintained.

Abule Egba Bridge lagos logo