Officer Isiaka put him in the car boot and drove straight to the popular State Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Panti, Yaba area of Lagos.

At the station, Osinachi Uwaoma was beaten and locked up for 30 days.

"After I was released, my left ear was swollen and I could not hear, my knees felt battered. I was treated like an animal", he said with so much pain in his eyes.

It all started with work.

Osinachi Uwaoma is an electrical engineer, he does the wiring for houses, repairs air conditioners and installs close circuit cameras(CCTV).

He had just installed a CCTV in a store near his house in Langbasa, Ajah.

What Osinachi did not realize was that, the owner of the store next to where he had installed the CCTV accused him of robbery.

From working and expecting to earn 300,000 Naira, he ended up being taken first to Langbasa Police station then transferred to State Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Panti, Yaba.

He was accused of passing through the ceiling.

Officer Isiaka was the Police Officer in charge of the case, he went straight to his house in Langbasa,  and broke down the door like he had the permit to do so.

After none of the stolen items were found in the house, the policeman insisted Osinachi is guilty.

Isiaka picked up a broom and started hitting his ear during which some pieces of the broom got into the accused's ear.

"After being flogged on my ear like 20 times he used a 2 by 2 plank to hit me continuously, then  he put me  in the boot of their car"

The law officer also took away his home theater, television and fridge, and promised to use it until the poor electrician produced what he stole.

"Isiaka is a leader of D9 Squad in Panti. I was detained for about 1 month, before taking the matter to court.

"The case has been adjourned at the Yaba Magistrate court to May 15 because the police officer was not in court.

"I cannot hear well, doctors have operated on it once already and there will be another one soon" he said.

The injured ear is not only draining his pocket it is also taking work away from him.

"If someone sees my ear, they ask me to go back. No one wants to give me work because of the ear"

Osinachi used to have 3 mobile phones, now he has none.

"Isiaka took my 3 phones, when I went with my senior brother to retrieve the phones, the police officer said that he was going to arrest me and give me a robbery case.

"He said that I will be in prison for like 5 years before the court sees me again. Since then I and my brother have been afraid to go back to ask for the phones."

He looks forward to the judgement, so that the Nigerian Police who are in the suite, will compensate him, give him back his phones and properties, while Osinachi prays that his hearing improves.