If you have used the word 'ordinary' for that roadside Akara seller close to your house, please think again.

She/he might be making sums of money you can only dream about in your office suit.

A pastor, simply identified as P. Collins, has turned frying and selling Akara, egg roll, buns, fish and sausage rolls by the roadside into a multi-million Naira business.

Collins, a graduate of Political Science from the Enugu State University of Science and Technology started the business after he lost his job with an oil servicing firm in 2015.

He told Bounce News, where he is plying his trade at Century Bus Stop, Ago Palace Way in Okota, that he was inspired not only by the need to find a profitable business but to fulfill his destiny and inspire others.

Collins said he craved for a white collar job so much that he worked extremely hard until he joined an oil services firm.

But as fate would have it, he worked for the firm for only two and half years - between 2012 and 2015.

In 2015, Nigeria’s economy was hit by recession and he was forced to leave the company because it had to downsize.

Unfortunately for him, this was about the same time he was about to get married in October 2015.

So, he suddenly found himself married and without a job.

“It was tough having a wife without a job. I was without a job for close to a year but within the period, I worked in the Church, as I had done even when I had a job,” he said.

But despite the support from the church, Collins said, he needed to do something for himself.

“This is because I believe that finance is very important in a man’s life. If you do not have enough money, you will not fulfill your destiny. There would always be a lot of dreams in your heart that you want to carry out but when you lack money, you will be limited,” he said.

So, despite securing another job with Grace Network, he quit after three months to venture into business.

“It was after I left the Grace Network job that I and my wife started brainstorming on what to do and that’s how I ended up in this business,” he said.


Collins said the business has been quite profitable as he makes daily average turnover of over 140,000 Naira. 

If you do the math, that is about 840,000 Naira weekly and approximately 3.4 million Naira monthly.

That is not bad for a roadside business and in an economy battling recession.

But that is not all. The roadside business also employs no less than five people, each of whom earn between 70 and 84 thousand Naira monthly.

“God has been faithful. If I was working in an oil company, I am not sure I would earn as much as I earn from this business. It’s been amazing. The turnover is quite impressive and I don’t think any office work will pay me that,” said an elated Collins, smiling broadly.

“Presently, I have five people working for me and we are still looking forward to getting more people to work with us,” he added.

Advise To Jobless Graduates

Collins has few words for graduates like him looking for a job in an office with Air Conditioner. He wants them to look inwards and create value.

He said: “I would tell every young graduate out there, everything you need to succeed in life is already inside of you. All you need to do is to look inward, most times we are looking outward.

“I have come to realise that it is only those that provide value that get paid for the value that they provide. The easiest way for you to make money is to solve a problem.

“What we have been doing here is solving a problem because most people when they come here they bless us and tell us, thank you for bringing this to this area. So, we are encouraged.”

Are you still sitting and applying for jobs online? You better bounce!