There used to be peace and calm at number 10 Prince Jamiu Oyebade Street, near Car Wash bus stop in Ogijo, Ogun State.

Now, fear and uncertainty fill the air. Nobody talks freely. You can’t blame them, they are only protecting their lives by keeping quiet.

A trip by Bounce News to Ogijo on Monday showed how the alleged visit of some soldiers of the Nigerian Army caused not just sorrow and tears but also the death of Prince Adeola George Oyekan.

But the Nigerian military has denied any involvement of its personnel in Oyekan’s death.

In the incident leading to the death, Oyekan, popularly known as doctor, was said to be owing his landlady two months rent. The landlady’s son then beckoned on his friend who is a soldier to come deal with the debtor.

The soldier then reportedly called on three of his colleagues from the 174 battalion of the Nigerian Army in Ogijo, and together, they stormed Oyekan’s apartment, beat him and took him away.

Oyekan was released after serving several punishments, and later returned home. He died two weeks later from alleged complications of mouth and neck injuries.

At late Doctor Oyekan’s home

Our visit revealed that he was the next door neighbor to the landlady, and there could be more to the issue than the delayed payment of rent.

The late Oyekan's two-bedroom apartment, that shares same roof with that of the landlady, was deserted and locked.

                                                          Late Adeola George Oyekan's apartment

Bounce News was told that his wife, Glory Fagbayibi, has been moved to the home of her late husband’s family.

The few neighbors seen were too afraid to grant interviews. The few who spoke off record, testified that “Doctor is not a troublesome person. He goes out and comes in quietly. He doesn’t go out everyday due to the nature of his job, but even if he is at home, you won’t know.”

The apartment of the landlady too was under lock and key, as she and her son are said to be in police custody.

When asked to describe the attitude of their landlady, her tenants refused to say anything about her, whether good or bad. The look on their faces showed fear of the unknown.

                                                                      The Landlady's apartment

Police station

At the Ogijo police station; the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), with phone number – 08037165546, refused to see Bounce News face to face but sent a message through another officer.

“The case is no more in our hands, it has been transferred to the Police Headquarters in Abeokuta, you can talk to the PPRO of Ogun State.”

But Bounce News found out that at the time we visited, the landlady and her son were still at the Ogijo police station, though they are due to be transported to Abeokuta. An attempt to speak with the suspects hit brick wall.

At Pillars Clinic

A final trip to Pillars Clinic, where Oyekan was taken for treatment revealed that Glory brought her husband to the facility on March 24.

The nurse on duty recounts what happened.

“When the wife brought him here, we gave him some drugs and injections to relieve the pain and swelling, and then asked them to come back by 10am the next day.

“But they didn’t show up until around 4pm, and by then, the neck and mouth was swollen, the man was restless and going through terrible pain.

"At that point, we gave them a referral letter to the General Hospital. That is all we know", she said.

                                                                    Pillars Clinic

Oyekan did not make it to the General Hospital, as he reportedly died on the way.

From the look of things, it appears Oyekan has been on self-medication at home from the first day of the incident, which aggravated the injuries.

Though the military has denied any involvement, justice to the late Oyekan’s wife and family will mean all those involved in the incidents that led to Adeola's death must face the full wrath of the law, that is, if no one is above the law.