MI Abaga wants to be legendary as a hip-hop figure.

So he tried to get two American rap power houses - Rick Ross and Nas to feature on his forthcoming albums, but fate will play a different hand.

While he still dreams of lyrical blessings from Rick Ross, his experience with Nas has been one with more bumps that smooth roads.

But according to a lawyer there is still hope for the Chocolate City boss.

In 2013, MI Abaga reached out to Nas and Mass Appeal Records' Ronnie Goodman for Nas to contribute a verse to one of his songs on his album.

If he had pulled this off, MI Abaga would have gone down in Nigerian hip hop history as the true chairman of the game.

There was just one condition for this legendary lyricist to follow, the verse was supposed to mention some specific words: "M.I, Chocolate City, Nigeria, Queens, New York, Mandela, Trayvon Martin, and the struggles of Africans and African Americans"

Nas sent his verse as agreed, but none of these words were on it, and when Chocolate City requested for Nas to stick to the masterplan,  it marked the beginning of a 4 year ‘break in transmission’.

Nas refused to redo the verse with the agreed words.

So, Chocolate City and MI Abaga are currently  suing the American rap legend for delivering a ‘false’ verse.

The lawsuit was filed in the New York State Supreme Court, and shows Nas allegedly failed to get the job done after receiving $50,000.

Aisosa Okundaye, a Public Relations person for Chocolate City told Bounce News;

“Firstly, the case has been on since 2013, it’s not a new thing, it’s not a new case it just came to limelight recently. As far as I am concerned it's wrong timing. As MI is promoting his new works”

The spokesperson for Chocolate City said it was between the record label and Mass Appeal Records, and not MI Abaga and Nas.

“It is not a personal conversation, it is a business conversation. If you take these two things into consideration about how we feel has changed over time. There are no feelings anymore, we are just trying to get our money back.” he added.

Even though MI may not get the respected lyricist on a track, he can get his money back.

According to entertainment lawyer,  Akinyemi Ayinoluwa who spoke to Bounce News, if MI can get a good lawyer in the United States the case can be settled within a year.

"They settle matters like this easily, because the legal system is expensive in America , so I am sure they would not drag it in court for  long. When you get a matter that it is clear that you are at fault you will just settle out of court instead of stretching  the issue, and besides Nas has a reputation to protect”

Bounce News reached out to Mass Appeal records to get their own side of the story, but did not get a reply as at the time this story was published.

Hopefully, this won't make MI give up on featuring other top flight international artistes on a track in  the future.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for him.