What caught my attention was the cockroaches and rats running around during the day. I was shocked that the venue for justice is itself in need of JUSTICE!

The Lagos High Court Complex in Igbosere was commissioned in 2012.

It might be considered a 5 year old girl from the outside but a closer within the premises draws a close comparison with a neglected old lady.

Topping the list of problems is the building’s disabled toilets. It oozes louder than the registrar's calls for 'ORDER!' during proceedings.

When nature calls, lawyers, their clients and staff of the court are forced to go to more covert places within the area.

If you ride in a wheelchair or have any form of deformity which requires special needs; you are advised to do the needful before appearing here.

Bounce News investigation can reveal that rodents have found comfortable homes in some of the dilapidated cupboards where dockets and files are kept.

Thousands of files documenting concluded and ongoing cases are in the process of being damaged or destroyed.

The importance of these threatened records can be gauged from the fact that appeals in the higher judiciary are based on earlier decisions reached at the lower courts. For an administration that claims to be prosecuting the war against corruption, this appears to be one loophole that must be blocked to ensure justice is served.

Bounce News also detected that the ceiling of the courtroom is in a terrible state of disrepair, posing great danger to lawyers, court staff as well as presiding judges.

Aside falling off, cobwebs have filled the ceilings.

The electrical wiring in the building complex are death traps while lighting throughout the courthouse is in need of total replacement.

Power outages also occur when the rats chase each other into open cables. They do get electrocuted and only first time visitors have that look of genuine surprise on their faces.

It was also discovered that all the fire extinguishers in the building are not working.

How come occupational health and safety regulation defaulters are prosecuted within this premises and its facilities are below standard?

And while there’s an old saying that timing is everything, this clock within court rooms stopped ticking at least 600 days ago.

The situation at the same court in Ikeja is not different.

Bounce News gathered from staff that since the buildings were commissioned, there has been no plan to maintain these facilities.

Is Lagos really working? Eko Oni Baje o!