Abraham fondly called Father Abby is a music producer with a lot of hope for the future. He believes so much in the saying “do not despise days of humble beginning”. 

Believing completely that his music would pave a way for him in life, he left the comfort of his parents’ home early on.

For someone who was not depending on any financial support from parents or relatives, he hustled his way through life and his struggles started paying off. He was able to set up a small studio in his one room apartment then in the Bariga area of Lagos State. 

The studio became a beehive of activities as both talented and 'try me, I’m good kind of artistes' started trooping in to record songs in his studio.

Life was looking good even though he was doing most of the recordings on credit for the artistes, believing one day his effort on them would pay off.

The one room apartment was becoming too small for his productions as the number of artistes increased, so he decided to look for a bigger apartment.

He then engaged the service of a house agent to assist him get a bigger place at an affordable price around Ojodu Berger in Lagos State.

The Flipside

Then the story changed. He was swindled of his hard-earned money totaling 400,000 Naira.

“The name of the fraudster is Alhaji Abidoun Hassan and he was the developer handling the project at 18 Jide Taiwo Street, Ojodu Berger.

“They built the house to taste for people so that they can pay quick and decided not to fix the windows and doors to keep us waiting.

“They said they are waiting for the people to deliver the windows and the doors,” he explained.

Abraham revealed that they were about 40 potential tenants involved in the transaction as the house was a big one.

The house had different apartments such as three bedroom, two bedroom, one bedroom, and self-contained apartments, and the rents also varied according to the size of the apartment.

The developer was said to have collected 70 million Naira from the potential tenants but failed to deliver on his promise of completing the house. 

“He collected 70 million Naira from us but didn’t give us the keys to the apartments. He even started allocating an apartment to multiple people.

“At the end, we all went to Alagbon Police Station and the case was later transferred to Oyingbo Magistrate Court. 

“The magistrate started adjourning the case on several occasions till we got fed up and stopped going again.

“We started suspecting foul play as the matter dragged for so long without any concrete resolution in view.

“I have decided to leave everything to God and moved on even though it was very painful as it was my life savings,” he shared with Bounce News.