I have heard stories of how some people get robbed, but never imagined it would happen to me.

My name is Uche Spark and I live within Olatunde Isaac Close, Beckley Estate, one of the estates in Ojokoro area of Lagos State.

It is my brother’s house and he had protected the compound with barbwire to ensure no one will climb the fence.

I was absolutely sure our fortress was impenetrable until Saturday night.

It was a weekend, and I had come back late in the evening. Everything had been fine until the light went off at about few minutes after 1am.

Anyone that stays in Lagos knows that the fact that it is late does not translate to being able to sleep through the heat.

I wanted to get a good rest so I came out to put on my generator.

Few minutes after I retired to my room, I was startled by a sound I will never forget. Gbum! Something heavy hit the ground and I wondered what it was.

My mind flashed to the coconut tree in our compound, but that sound could not have come from a coconut falling except the entire fruit tree fell.

While my thoughts raced, I remembered there were only unripe coconuts on the tree. They cannot fall.

My attention was drawn back to reality when I heard foot movements behind my window.

I quickly realised someone had jumped into my compound through the fence on my neighbour’s side.

I quickly turned off the light in my room rushed to my door to check if it was locked. I was not sure of what to do. Should I call the police? Will they get here before he leaves?

I thought of taking a machete in my room and coming out boldly to attack the intruder, but I was not sure if he was armed.

While I was by my door, the intruder came to the front area of the boys’ quarter I was occupying.

He stood there looking around, apparently trying to find something to steal.

He was about 5 feet 11 and so dark that I could barely differentiate his nature from darkness.

I looked closely and saw he only wore a short and the upper part of his body was bare but shiny, like he had rubbed oil on his skin.

I have heard of cases where hungry night thieves rub oil on their body to ensure you cannot hold them if you attempt to grab them. I was staring at that calibre of thief.

I turned off the light in front of my room to make him realise I was awake.

Everywhere became so dark that I could barely see him. After a while I noticed he moved quickly towards the front area of the house, where my car and some of my brother’s cars were packed.

After few minutes, I noticed he opened our gate and walked away. At that point, I realised I had locked the gate only with the bolt and not with a padlock as usual.

I had created an effortless way for him to leave.

Uche told Bounce News that the thief later entered another compound on the street and stole acresident's laptop through the window.

Recession is hitting hard and many more mouths are becoming hungry.

Here are a few security measure to keep hungry thieves away:

1. Ensure that you do not hold loud parties where you live as it will signal there is money.

2. Check all doors before you go to bed.

3. Leave security lights on at night.

3. Make sure valuable items are not near the window where they can easily be taken.

4. Always put off your room light at night while you sleep. If they cannot see you, they can't hurt you.