After my friend told me that she had been dumped by her boy friend I felt bad.

But I could not really come to terms with her words when she told me that he had used and dumped her.

“I feel so ashamed of myself. I have lost all my pride before him,” she told me, as she narrates how it all started.

They had met few months ago at the beach, which Sandra’s friend, Flora, had chosen for her birthday party.

Godwin Okene, a handsome looking guy had summoned courage to walk up to Sandra for a chat.

Before he got to her, her heart had leaped with joy, an inner feeling that Godwin could sense from the smile on her face while he walked towards her.

The fantasy of how handsome he was and other ‘nasty’ things she could do with him had flashed through her mind in a jiffy.

She knew she would say 'yes' even before he asked. She wanted a scent of his perfume to fill her lungs and his strong arms to caress her mammary glands. 

These thoughts had eaten her up all the while.

They talked for some time and she got herself hooked! Sandra could no longer leave Godwin. She became his shadow all through the beach party.

“That was how it all started and the rest things that followed were better left unsaid,” she told Ngozi as she brought her narratives to an end.

What are those things better left unsaid?  

She had opened herself up to the Godwin who was a play boy but she was not aware.

Several sex sessions had occurred between them in few weeks after they met, cutting short the relationship time.

Most of the sessions were experiences she could not forget, because, she got to the climax each time he had her.

Some girls have that kind of experience and also use the phrase ‘Used and Dumped’ when the obsession ends abruptly.

Here are a few things that every girl should have in mind before going into any relationship to avoid using the phrase at the end of the day.

Whether you have had the used and dumped experience or not try and adhere to these few things.

1.      Never trust a guy after your first date until you have put him to test and have discovered the truth about what he feels. [If you want to know how to test a guy contact us].

2.      Never be in a hurry to show how good you are in bed.

3.      Insist on a peck in the first few months of the relationship.

4.      Show you care by giving very affordable gifts.

5.      Never have the impression that all guys are the same.

6.      Have at the back of your mind that law of diminishing utility affects relationships. Go study that law in economics.

7.      How much he cares shows in how much commitment he makes to see you happy even when you refuse sex.

8.      Always remember no matter how hot you are now, you are human, you will age. So, find another human that loves you from inside out.