The planned ban on danfo buses from major roads in Lagos has been vehemently rejected by the yellow bus drivers.

Lagos State governor Akinwunmi Ambode is focused on removing the yellow buses from Lagos roads as he continues his drive for a mega city.

"When I wake up in the morning and see all these yellow buses and see Okada and all kinds of tricycles and then we claim we are a mega city, that is not true and we must first acknowledge that that is a faulty connectivity that we are running.

"Having accepted that, we have to look for the solution and that is why we want to banish yellow buses this year." Ambode said in February.

The Lagos state government says the proposed replacements are expected to be cheaper and durable. 

The scheme would see to the introduction of higher capacity buses that would have 30 seats as opposed to 14/18 seats, while the buses would be Eco– friendly and air-conditioned. 

But drivers of the danfo buses, who make a living from this ageless trade, believe the move is another way the government is trying to oppress the masses.