Her betrayal became his business opportunity. He was faithful, loyal and honest. He did everything right but she had one itch too many down there.

He was not in town and she had to get someone else to scratch it!

So, this young man, George Nnamdi (not real names) tells us how the infidelity of a trusted partner saw him becoming an overnight SEX TOY MERCHANT.

For Nnamdi, maybe his partner wouldn’t have cheated if there was a ‘handy companion’.

“I saw a gap and I moved to solve it, it was better to see my partner using a dildo on herself than seeing my close friend helping my fiancée satisfy her sexual urge” Nnamdi told Bounce News

Just like every other idea that is channeled towards solving problems, Nnamdi positioned his model towards venturing into a business that will help solve a unique problem.

Six months down the line, his pain and anguish transformed into a lucrative source of income.

The sex capitals

According to research and as confirmed my Nnamdi; a major player in the market space, there are four Nigerian states where the big buyers of these pleasure materials reside.

They are Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Owerri  – Considering the increasing number of strip clubs, hotels and private lounges in these parts of the country, one cannot deny that some residents in the cities mentioned are sexually sophisticated.

For instance, a small city like Owerri receives a huge number of men trooping out of Lagos each weekend just to visit the town because of the testimonies they have heard. 

If you are in doubt, please check flight patterns from domestic airlines over the past 24 months. The top weekend destination for men in Lagos are Owerri and Port Harcourt.

Meanwhile, the city is known for pleasurable activities and despite its size, houses a significant number of hotels, clubs, universities and pubs.

The streets of Lagos on the other hand are flooded with strip clubs to the point that a particular part on the mainland has been nicknamed ‘Sin City’.

“Girls coming back from that particular area at twilight are legit workers, while those going the same direction in the evening time are slay queens,” as analyzed by one of the passerby’s.

No exemptions

According to reports gathered from some of the sex toy dealers, it was noted that northerners are also big in the purchase of these materials with a high number of the purchase coming from the female folks.

Don't be shocked! Life happens.

Kano and Kaduna are said to be the undisputed leaders in the Northern region when it comes to patronizing sex toys items.

“Don’t be deceived with all the covering, many house wives in those two states have devised means to satisfy their urges,” one of the respondent queried on the booming sex toy market revealed.

Also, University students are big market for the sex toy business especially private universities where morality is a daily anthem and strictness is the order of the day.

Despite the high walls, the students still devise means to avail themselves of these pleasures.

In 2015, …the sex toy business recorded a boom and one could relate it to the monies that were thrown around before and during the general elections.

However, it had its fair share of knocks during when the recession began in 2016.

It is conventional that the most successful line of businesses or ideas are those that are positioned towards solving a particular problem.

The more the business meets people's needs, the more it grows.

Is your business satisfying human needs?