Nkiruka 'Kiki' Omeili charmed us with her super performance as Lovette in the TV series “Lekki Wives”, and we have remained in love with her ever since.

In 2012, she starred in the film, “Married but Living Single”, where she played the role of the antagonistic Titi Haastrup

Kiki held her own alongside other star acts; Funke Akindele, Joseph Benjamin and Joke Silva.

Asides her impeccable delivery, the medical doctor-turned-actor is also getting the attention of many Nigerian men owing to her beauty and amiable mien.

So, we couldn’t help but wonder, is there any vacancy?

Bounce News: Hi Kiki, how are you doing?

Kiki: Very well, thank you!

Bounce News: Let’s start with Nigeria. The economy has been challenging for Nigerians lately, how has it been for you in the film/TV business?

Kiki: It hasn't been easy to be honest. The rate of inflation has been ridiculous and has left me wondering on occasion what the way forward is for Nigeria. We do hope that things get better.

Bounce News: Any recession survival tips for fans?

Kiki: Try as much as possible to avoid unnecessary expenses and SAVE! If you don't need it, don't buy it.

Bounce News: OK, let’s talk about comedy ‘Sunday and Lolade’, what attracted you to the character?

Kiki: It was the challenge that attracted me to the Lolade character. Comedy is not a genre that I'm known for. Playing Lolade was an opportunity to show my versatility as an actor.  So when Yomi Black called me and told me about it, after some skepticism, I decided to take it on.

Bounce News: Your first major attempt at comedy has gone well for you. Can we expect more?

Kiki: Not very likely. It's easy to become stereotyped when you constantly do comedy. So maybe once in a while, I'll take a stab at it but it definitely won't be a regular thing.

Bounce News: Any similarities between Kiki and Lolade?

Kiki: None whatsoever. Lolade is loud and brash and has a Yoruba accent. Kiki is none of those things.

I've had a couple of people correct Lolade's pronunciation of certain English words on Instagram when I post a skit saying "Kiki, the correct pronunciation is....." and I laugh and tell them that Kiki knows the pronunciation but Lolade doesn't. Kiki and Lolade are worlds apart.

Bounce News: Any dream casting? Someone you would love to act with - Male and female? Home and abroad?

Kiki: Julia Roberts. Viola Davis. Meryl Streep. Daniel Day Lewis. Ryan Gosling. Leonardo di Caprio. Chiwetel Ejiofor. Hlomla Dandala. The list goes on and on. They're so effortless and they're such a delight to watch.

Bounce News: With some roots in Ibadan and having schooled in Lagos, your Yoruba is obviously good. Rate yourself.

Kiki: Lol. I didn't just school in Lagos, I was born and bred in Lagos. I pull off the Yoruba accent really well and I can say many sentences and expressions in Yoruba fluently. If I had to rate myself though, I’d say 5/10. Lol.

Bounce News: In that case, when are you appearing in a Yoruba movie?

Kiki: An intriguing story, great acting and high production values usually top my list when choosing a project. That being said, watch this space, anything is possible.

Bounce News: Any new project you want fans to know about?

Kiki: Yes. I want people to look out for "Omoye" a domestic violence story that was shot in Ajegunle. I went from glam to bland for that one. Also "Stolen" is an action movie they should look out for. It was very physically tasking to shoot and I'm looking forward to it coming out.

Bounce News: Action movie? Can we have a clue? Did you have to learn martial arts, kick boxing or stunt driving?

Kiki: I did have to learn a few martial arts moves and learn how to convincingly throw a "fake" punch.

Bounce News: Nigerian celebrities now have a thing for social responsibility with some people promoting entrepreneurship e.g. Agriculture. What social cause are you passionate about?

Kiki: HEALTH, without a doubt. I'm big on health advocacy and awareness. We can live so much better if we practice preventive medicine and prevent illness in the first place. I support and lend my voice to do many health causes. There's more than one way to practice medicine and since I'm not practicing in a hospital, this is my form of medical practice.

Bounce News: Is there still a chance you will still practice medicine?

Kiki: I never left it. Still doing it, just not in a hospital. "Unprotected" is a short film I produced that's available on YouTube. It deals with one man's actions that has devastating health consequences for his family. So, I practice health advocacy and promote health awareness in my field.

Bounce News: Family life? Marriage on the cards?

Kiki: When I know, you guys will be the first to know.