Suspected Boko Haram terrorists attempted to unleash mayhem on Magumeri town, Magumeri Local Government Area, Borno State on Wednesday evening but the timely intervention of the military thwarted the attack.

However, the Nigerian Army has now alleged that its preliminary investigation shows that the attackers of Magumeri came from the same community.

Army Spokesman, Colonel Sani Usman alleged that the terrorists that attacked the village are well known to the people.

“It should also be noted that the village was never attacked throughout the period of the insurgency for some inexplicable reasons.  The terrorists and their collaborators hibernating in the area were never exposed.

“There seems to be unholy alliance between the terrorists and the villagers. Consequently, we are constrained to state that it’s now high time for the people to take up the fight themselves and help the Nigerian military and other security agencies to protect them.

“It is a grievous mistake and criminal offence to continue to shield or harbour any known Boko Haram terrorist in their midst. The terrorists must be exposed and their movements promptly reported to the security agencies.

“The terrorists are inhuman and barbaric, therefore cannot be trusted to spare anyone in perpetuating their inhuman acts. It is imperative that all communities in the North East especially Borno State, should fully cooperate with the military and the Security agencies by exposing Boko Haram terrorists in their respective towns and villages," he said.