Bayo woke up on Wednesday with no inkling of what the day has in store for him.

He went to his office located at 508 Umaru Saro Road, Gari-Alimi, Ilorin, Kwara State as usual.

He had hoped the day would be better than the previous day with more clients and money in his account.

A client came calling and after the meeting, Bayo escorted him downstairs as his office is located at the topmost floor of the building.

Suddenly, it got cloudy and started raining. 

Bayo could not immediately go back to his office; he thought the rain will pass and business would resume as usual.

He could hear the thunder roar loudly as the sky got darker. The rain poured down in torrents. He heard another loud noise and assumed it was another round of thunder.

He did not know it was the roof of the building forcefully taken off by nature.

As soon as the rain subsided, he went into his office only to be confronted with remnants of his books, legal documents of his clients, which includes certificates of occupancy.

Everything was either soaked or blown away.

He said he lost books worth over N25m aside other documents and property.