Peace is gradually returning to trouble areas in the North Eastern part of Nigeria. The dreaded Boko Haram now have no place to hide.

Successes have been recorded by the armed forces, and the Nigeria government has begun rebuilding affected communities.

But there is a looming crisis in Nigeria following the displacement of deadly Boko Haram from their stronghold in Sambisa Forest.

They have infiltrated communities and attempted to hit soft targets in communities especially Internally Displaced Peoples' camps. 

Military forces are still bombarding the hideout of the deadly group, which saw the sect's members flee to villages in Nigeria and Cameroon.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reports that about 261 individuals (120 households) were registered as new arrivals at Gourounguel transit centre in Cameroon.

The report came from IDP camps in Mubi, Maiduguri, and Abuja in Nigeria, and from the Cameroonian localities of Zelevet, Mora, Bogo, Kashimri, Double, Tchakarmari, Guider and Yagoua in the Far North region, where they had previously found refuge.

This no doubt, poses danger of new terror attacks as the militants could be hiding under the guise of IDPs, and after a while, carry out their evil deeds.