He came, he saw and he conquered. He set several world records and no one has run 100 meters in less than 9.58 seconds.

Usain Bolt did not hit the right notes in his final set of races at the World Championships in London but that is not enough motivation for the Jamaican to consider a comeback.

Bolt settled for Bronze in the 100m event and it was worse in 4x100m where he pulled off injured.

“No, I’ve seen too many people return and come back to sport and shame themselves. I won’t be one of those people." Bolt replied when asked if there is a possibility of him coming out of retirement in future.

On whether he actually regretted continuing in 2017 which turned to be the lowest in his illustrious career, Bolt said :

“No, I’m fine. My fans wanted to see me compete for one more year. Without them, I wouldn’t have accomplished everything over the years. If I could come out here and give the fans a show, that’s fine with me. That’s all I wanted.

“One championship doesn’t change what I’ve done. After losing the 100m someone said to me, ‘Muhamnmed Ali lost his last fight so don’t be too stressed.’ I have shown my credentials throughout my career so losing my last race isn’t going to change what I’ve done in my sport."

“I’ve proven that by working hard, anything is possible. For me, I was sitting down today and doing an interview. My motto is anything is possible. It shows that everyone should continue trying. I personally feel this is a good message to send to youngsters to push on. If I can leave that to the younger generation, then that’s a good legacy to leave.”

Bolt had 10 gold medals to his name at the World championships.