American runner and new World Champion in the men's 100m event, Justin Gatlin says Usain Bolt himself acknowledges that he has done enough to earn the top prize.

Gatlin stunned the world when he finished first in Saturday's 100m men's final at the ongoing World Championships in London and the American posits that the gold medal was truly deserving.

"Usain said: 'Congratulations, you deserve it.' And that's from the man himself. He knows how hard I work. Tonight was all about the W (win) and I managed to sneak it." Gatlin told the media in London.

Though seen as fierce rivals on the track, Gatlin expressed great love for Bolt while also describing him as a great source of inspiration.

“We're rivals on the track and we've had a rivalry on the track throughout the years but in the warm-up area we were joking and having a good time and he said to me 'congratulations, you work hard for this, and you don't deserve all these boos'.
“So I think for all that and inspiring throughout my career he's an amazing man.”