One thing Nigerians wish will go away like a dream is 'Boko Haram'.

Its attacks have claimed several lives and displaced over 2 million people.

They have moved over to suicide bomb attacks on soft targets after military decimated them in heightened counter-terrorism operations.

However, the story is changing.

Boko Haram is regrouping and abducting people, officials of the Joint Task Force and oil exploration workers with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation have become their latest victims.

An official of the Nigerian Army on national television said the attacks in some parts of Borno, including the ambush that led to the abduction of the oil workers and officials of the University of Maiduguri, have continued because terrorists get reliable information from their informants.

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A spokesman for the Defence Headquarters, Major General John Enenche, told Channels Television that the ambush on the oil workers’ convoy were carried out with amazing precision.

John Enenche defence headquarters spokesman

John Enenche, spokesman for the Defence Headquarters

“What is an ambush? You conceal yourself, pass through people, hide your weapons and waylay them. That is it. So, it is the work of conspirators and we need the cooperation of the people seriously.

“These people that ambushed this team did not just come from the sky, they passed through people and they got information.

"Some people must have told them, they (the team) is moving from here to there and they are collaborators”, Major General John Enenche explained.

They could only carry out such ambush with reliable information about the progress of the exploration exercise, the military official insisted.

At least 48 people were part of the team that was ambushed on July 25.

In the team are about 15 soldiers, 11 members of the civilian JTF and some staff of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

Major General Enenche also said that “these things happening now are information bound strongly and I still want to state that there are informants.

“There are still collaborators who are collaborating.

“How come they did not attack them on the first day when they started the exploration exercise with the soldiers [until] when they have finished and are going back?” he questioned.

university of maiduguri lecturers abducted by boko
Officials of Maiduguri University in a video of abducted persons released by Boko Haram

The Defence Headquarters’ spokesman, however, dismissed insinuations that the Boko Haram were gaining grounds, insisting that ‘if they were back, they would have been controlling territories’.

He says the military wants more information from the public to give needed impetus to the counter-terrorism operation ongoing in the northeast.

Gains made in the operations needed to be consolidated and the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, has asked Service Chiefs to return to military base in the northeast and coordinate operations.

His request came days after the ambush.

At least 21 bodies have been recovered in the course of the search and rescue operations.