Book Haram has continued to strike and kill soldiers and civilians alike.

Many have been rendered homeless, while some have lost their families to the terrorist group.

Nigerian soldiers need to equip themselves with the latest technology and weapons in order to combat their internal enemy, and that is what the US Army has done when 12 of its soldiers trained Nigerian troops on a six-week advice-and-assist mission in Jaji, Kaduna State.

The U.S. Department of Defence said Nigerian Army’s 26th Infantry Battalion might be the next to deploy to Northeast to confront the violent extremist organisation, Boko Haram.

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The department, while documenting some accounts of the U.S. soldiers during the training said it was important to prepare the Nigerian troops for the threats they faced from the terrorists.

Sgt. Saul Rodriguez, the most experienced of the 12 U.S. soldiers said “even in triple-digit heat and with AK-47 automatic rifles in hand, it’s easy to forget these soldiers are likely headed into imminent danger”

“My job is to train you as much as I can. Your job is to fight the bad guys out of your country,” Pentagon quoted Rodriguez as shouting to a group of soldiers demonstrating their best cover and concealment efforts behind Jaji’s bushes and trees.

The department noted that the cohesion brought on by an austere living environment around Jaji, carried into the work.

The team said they were happiest when training the Nigerian soldiers, even when it required ample amounts of sunscreen.

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