Boko Haram has released a video clip which allegedly shows women the group abducted a month ago in Borno State.

The video, which showed 10 distraught women, most of them mothers, was released on Tuesday.

The women were kidnapped after Boko Haram fighters reportedly attacked a convoy of security personnel in the Damboa area of Borno State in June.

The women who are believed to be either police officers or wives of officers were said to be going for a burial in Adamawa State.

Although, the two women that spoke in the video did not introduce themselves police officers, but Amina Adam Gomdia that spoke eloquently in Hausa said, five of the women in their midst are public servants who are also breadwinners in their families.

The other woman that spoke in the video who gave her name as Deborah Philipus said, right from the minute they were abducted, Boko Haram treated their wounds and they have never lacked what to eat, they bring water to us and whatever we need.

We are grateful to you (referring to Boko Haram), but the Government of Nigeria should not say we were not abducted, indeed we were abducted," said Philibus.

The Nigerian Police has earlier refuted claims by Boko Haram that no police officers were either killed or abducted by the terror group.