When Bounce News met Baba Lagali in one of the Internally Displaced Persons (IPDs) camps in Borno State, a new knowledge of what the real course of the struggle was for was seen.

The picture is becoming clearer and more obvious that the only solution to the crisis is in the hands of those in governance.

When the terrorist group began their attacks some eight years ago, the popular knowledge was that they were pushing for an Islamic State and an end to Western education in the northeast region of Nigeria.

That could be the reason for the push prior to this time, but Baba Lagali’s story shines light on the dark side of the activities of the dissident group.


He was a tailor, but his world caved in and he could no longer see beyond the pictures that his mind can now create.

Lagali is blind and confined to an informal IDPs' camp in Benisheik established by the International Organisation for Migration.

He told Bounce News that he had a flourishing fashion business in Karagawaru, in Kaga Local Government Area of Borno State, until he was stripped of all he had worked for in years.

“In few months I had become poor and wretched,” he said, as he shares his experience in Kanuri language.

 “One day, we received a message from the terrorist that they were coming and that we should keep one million Naira for them.

“Knowing how deadly they were, we gathered the money and kept for them. I had to give the little I had saved.

“When they came, they took the money and left.

“Months later they sent another message and I had to sell my cattle to contribute my quota on behalf of my family,” he narrated.

The group continued to come to his community for money and when he had nothing more to sell, he sold his sewing tools including his machine.

“After I sold all I had, they sent a message again, this time demanding for more money, with their usual threat of killing anyone who cannot give them money.

“At that point, I had to abandon the village and run to this camp,” he said.

In the midst of the torment, families who cannot provide money were often made to give a grown son to join the struggle and refusal by anyone’s child will lead to the killing of such individual, Baba Ligali also told Bounce News.

Lagali’s story is laced with the struggle for survival that members of this terrorists group had resorted to after the government, plugged their sources of funding.

Some residents of the area who also spoke with Bounce News highlighted that the average Kanuri man does not like to leave his community for another location and most times, farming and animal rearing were their major source of livelihood.  

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This mindset in a location where there are no jobs for graduates and some other persons who have managed to go to school at all, leaves young men with little or no option than to jump at offers by the terrorists who offer to pay them from their loots.

Now, they have released a video insisting that attacks will continue.

Counter-terrorism operations have continued in the region, with military claiming they have decimated the group, but the terrorists have continued to attack communities, with a recent abduction of some 110 girls from a secondary school at Dapchi, Yobe State.