Dreaded terrorist group - Boko Haram has struck again.

The group attacked a village in Adamawa State and snuffed life out of five people.

A group of 10 militants stormed Kaya village at about 9:00 pm in the Madagali area late on Thursday and broke into two homes, killing four people.

Another resident was shot dead when he tried to rescue other victims, Maina Ularama, a former Madagali local government chairman, told AFP.

“Five people were shot dead last night by Boko Haram in Kaya village, three of them brothers living in the same house,” he said.

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“They killed another person in a house close by. The fifth victim was killed when he rushed towards the area to rescue the victims after hearing their cries for help.”

Samson Lawan, who lives in Kaya, gave a similar account. He said the gunmen looted medical supplies at the village clinic before fleeing into the bush.

“They were overheard saying one of them who wanted to set fire to homes that they were not in the village for arson,” Lawan said.

Kaya village has been attacked before insurgency, which since 2009 has killed at least 20,000 in northeast Nigeria and displaced more than 2.6 million.


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