Nigeria has secured a 50 million Chinese Yuan pledge from the Chinese government in support of the war against terrorism. 

President Muhammadu Buhari was in China for some days with some government officials for the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) held in Beijing.

The support was announced on the final day of the event, Wednesday, September 5, when President Buhari met with the President of China, Xi Jinping and both leaders discussed terrorism.

In northeast Nigeria, Boko Haram has pushed for an Islamic State for more than eight years, causing devastation for the region now needing rehabilitation.   

Counter-terrorism operations have been sustained in the region, with the military chasing the troops out of territories they had occupied. 

Now, more support is coming to Nigeria on the fight. 

Muhammadu Buhari and Xi Jinping of China
Presidents Muhammadu Buhari and Xi Jinping of China

At a meeting on the sideline of FOCAC, the Chinese President commended Nigeria’s fight against terrorism and the progress that has been made so far.

He promised China’s support in capacity building and intelligence sharing.

Mr Xi then pledged 50 million Chinese Yuan in support to Nigeria’s military, noting that "Buhari is as decisive in dealing with terrorism as China".

Other areas that both nations can benefit from each other were also discussed, with President Xi assuring Nigeria's President that China would import more agricultural products from Nigeria.

He also expressed gratitude to President Buhari on Nigeria’s interest to participate in the forthcoming Chinese Import Fair.

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‘‘The relationship between Nigeria and China is as best as ever, especially given the deepening mutual trust. China will continue to stand with Nigeria,’’ he said.

Earlier, President Buhari had told the Chinese President that Nigeria was committed to easy movement of citizens of both countries would complement the currency swap agreements recently signed by the central banks of both countries.

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‘‘Since our last meeting two years ago, Nigeria has relaxed its visa requirements to Chinese citizens. Today, I am pleased to inform Your Excellency that Chinese citizens receive Nigerian visas in less than 48 hours.

‘‘Another measure that will improve our trade volumes will be to introduce import duty waivers on Nigeria’s commodity exports to China. Today, our commodities such as sesame seeds, hibiscus and cassava amongst others attract import duty in China,’’ he said.

The Nigerian leader also lauded China’s support for two permanent seats for Africa at the United Nations, noting that the reform of the Security Council would ensure equitable representation for the continent.

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