It was rather an embarrassing story when reports emerged on Monday that Nigeria's military was forced to withdraw during a terror raid on Rann, northeast.

The reports said security forces and residents fled during the Islamic State West Africa, ISWA attack as the militants set buildings ablaze.

But new reports coming from military and police sources said the troops fought back and regained control of Rann early on Tuesday.

“Boko Haram invaded Rann at about 4pm (on Monday). The battle continued for about three hours. Our troops retreated and later returned to fight back,” a soldier speaking on condition of anonymity told Reuters.

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ISWA, which split from Boko Haram in 2016, has launched a series of attacks in recent weeks, renewing debate about security in the run-up to elections on February 16.

In December, ISWA took the town of Baga - the Nigerian headquarters of a multi-national force formed by Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Niger to fight the extremists - and more than 30,000 people fled.

The military launched a counter-offensive last week and retook the town, saying it had given ISWA a “bloody nose”.

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