We all know that in Nigeria, when you get married to someone, you are also marrying their family. 

It’s no wonder that every intending husband or wife (especially) tries to impress their future in-laws to increase their chances of being approved and allowed to marry their sweetheart.

Winning over in-laws is a hurdle many couples have to face

Not being accepted by the people who you hope to make your family can be quite disappointing, and that could also spell trouble for your relationship.

Let’s share with you 3 subtle ways you can tell your future in-laws are not really into you, without them saying so directly.

1. You’re isolated: One of the ways your in-laws-to-be show they are cool with you is by drawing you in and involving you in family activities. But if you find that each time you show up at their home, you’re treated like a stranger despite having been to the house a couple times, then you should suspect something is off. This can be very awkward especially if your partner is oblivious to the situation. If they have fully accepted you, they will include you in every aspect of their family life and make you feel at home. 

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2. Your movement is restricted: Once again, a family that has accepted you wholeheartedly will not confine you to a chair in the living room each time you show up. You don’t have the freedom to move around the house freely because your in-laws-to-be keep telling you to stay put and not “trouble yourself”. You can’t even go to the kitchen to fix yourself something to eat or even grab a glass of water. You feel like you’re under surveillance the whole time you’re there. This is a major red flag that you shouldn’t ignore.

3. You’re not included in conversations: You’re treated like a fly on the wall and ignored most of the time. The only time anyone manages to speak to you is when your partner steers the conversation in your direction to include you. Even then, you feel like an outsider eavesdropping on a family conversation. This is their subtle way of telling you that you’re not one of them and may likely never be.