Bobrisky was born a man, but presently identifies as a woman, and has mentioned this ‘fact’ on more than one occasion.

It appears his male instinct is still there after all.

Living everyday as a woman comes along with natural things, like using the female restroom at the airport, or being searched by female security officers before boarding a plane.

So, when Nigeria’s male Barbie and cross dresser, Bobrisky decided to share these  ‘natural' details via a video on Instagram with his followers, one female fan was not impressed.

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Even after Bobrisky explained that he uses the female toilet to avoid sexual harassment from men, the Instagram user named @Osebene_couture,  accused Bobrisky of being mad for thinking he is a woman, and had the right to use a female public restroom.


@Osebene_couture, also threatened to physically harm Bobrisky, if she ever meets him in any female public toilet.

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The bleaching expert, in replying to her threat, promised to stab her in a place where no doctor would be able to treat her.

He wrote; “Idiots wait till den. I will stab you where the doctors will refuse to treat you… fool”

Its about to go down!

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