If you see Bobrisky now, its confusing.

He looks like a cross between a woman and the late Michael Jackson.

His recent photo shoot has him basking in all his new found ‘womanly glory,’ as he's dressed in a way that is reminiscent of the great pop star.

The  cross dresser, bleaching cream and Snap chat king/queen who will soon be travelling for a surgery to enhance his buttocks is slowly but surely living his dream of ‘suffering’ other Nigerian ladies.

The male barbie who rose to fame from wearing feminine clothes, has now graduated to fixing wigs and eyelashes which he shows off in his latest photos on Instagram and Snapchat.

Two weeks ago, Bobrisky declared  that though he does not have breasts, his 'bae' has bought him a car and a house because he is prettier than 70% of the women in Nigeria.