Bobrisky claims he has emotions like everyone else. He is taking time off his battle with @Lex the hairstylist to talk about other matters.

Bobrisky last year slammed actress Halima Abubakar after she threw shade at him for sharing supposed details of a bank transaction he made online.

The actress referred to it as poverty, and he responded, saying she borrowed her opinion from a mad woman.

Halima, who earlier denied it was cancer, says she is suffering from complications after a fibroid operation she had in India.

Bobrisky has offered prayers for her quick recovery and says the past is behind him.

Halima Abubakar in about 2 weeks will be going for corrective surgery.

Both of them have a common friend in Tontoh Dikeh.

bibrisky and halima abubakar

bobrisky and halima abubakar