There is an adage in Delta State that when a load becomes a source of concern for an individual, carrying it on a bare head becomes the only remedy and that was just what happened in Bayelsa over the weekend. 

You must have read several reports of robbery and cultism in the oil-rich state that is in dire need of a security system revival. 

Criminal activities in Bayelsa State are becoming a huge concern, gradually crippling the economy.

It has reached a level that living near the Government House does not even guaranty your safety.

Day light robbery is the order of the day and residents and business owners around Onopa Junction are the latest to feel the heat of the rising crime.

Onopa junction is few poles away from the State Government House in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, but that nearness to the seat of power almost counts for nothing.

However, some brave residents put their lives at stake to battle the robbers that had come to make life unbearable for the residents. 

The sun was setting as business owners were making sales while customers of some commercial banks operating within the vicinity queued in front of an ATM, waiting their turn.

Suddenly, some groups of angry looking boys numbering over 15, all brandishing dangerous weapons stormed the area.      

As they advanced towards the shops, terrified residents scampered for safety. 

While some ran into houses within the area, others climbed storey buildings they could find and clustered inside the shops. 

The criminals forcefully made their ways into shops, beating, intimidating and robbing both the owners and their customers.

They stole money realised from sales, snatched mobile phones, handbags and some items displayed for sale. 

Those who tried to resist them, received machete cuts on various parts of their bodies.

Eyewitnesses said the armed robbers whom were mostly between the age of 14-27, barricaded the major road.

Motorists who unfortunately ran into them were also robbed and beaten.

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As they were busy looting and beating their victims, some boys from Ovom community mobilised themselves into groups and attacked them.

The fight became bloody and residents had to flee their houses. Some of the robbers ran away with their loot while others were caught, frisked and severely beaten.

Throughout the attack which lasted for more than 28 minutes, no police officer was seen, residents said.

"They Know My Sweat"

Tearfully, a provision seller, Mr Doubra Martins, told Bounce News that this was not the first time armed young boys would rob them in broad day light.

"These robbers are well coordinated.

"They know when to attack, where we keep our money and everything about our businesses.

"The one that robbed me knew that l sold goods worth 22,000 Naira," he narated. 

A boutique owner, who simply identified herself as Mrs Franklyn, expressed fear over the manner the robbers operated without hindrance.

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"There was no security officers at sight.

"They even taunted me, telling me to call the police and see if they will come.

"I lost 47,450 Naira, my wrist watch, mobile phone and a shirt to them," she said. 

Mrs Franklyn pleaded with various security agencies in the state to cub the societal ill that had started affecting businesses in the state. 

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