If the power generation companies, Gencos deliver on their threat to put off their power plants, it will only be a matter of time before the distribution companies, DisCos run out of supply; and when the DisCos run out of supply, Nigerians would then be forced to contend with long periods of darkness.

The Gencos have problems, and they have been saying it. And now, it appears the problems have finally choked them, and they can’t take it any more.

On Monday, the Association of Power Generation Companies, APGC, the umbrella body for the Gencos, said the recent decline in available generation capability could be traced to the various challenges experienced by the Gencos in the electricity market.

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The Executive Secretary, APGC, Dr Joy Ogaji, said in a statement that the challenges included liquidity issues (cash problem), power rejection by the electricity distribution companies and gas constraints due to the sorry state of the market.

“Few of the thermal power plants were out due to planned maintenance, which is allowed in the sector. The decline was not an act of rebellion by the Gencos, neither was it deliberate but was beyond their control.

“This should serve as a wake-up call to the Federal Government to the goings-on in the industry with regards to the Gencos and if the actions are not taken by the necessary agencies, Gencos will be forced to shut down business,” Ogaji said in the statement.

According to the data, available generation capability plunged to 5,207.57 megawatts in December from 7,238.12MW in November, while average generation rose slightly to 4,162.47MW from 4,093.76MW.

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