Bishop Taru Thomas did not like the leadership of a rival parish, and decided to change it with Military force.

The 'man of God' who serves as the leader of the Assemblies of God church is now wanted by the authorities for using military personnel to invade a rival local parish of the church.

The Bishop, who is presently on the run, is wanted by military authorities of the 23rd Armoured Brigade in Yola.

He is expected to uncover the identities of some soldiers he used to invade Upper Luggere branch of the Assemblies of God’s church headed by Pastor Patrick Waziri.

The bishop had allegedly ordered the invasion of the parish while church service was ongoing in order to install a new leadership in the church.

Taru came armed with the judgment of the supreme court on the 12th of March with armed military personnel to take over the parish.

Pastor Waziri was deposed and Taru's choice Pastor Okorafor was installed in the presence of the frightened worshipers. 

Waziri and his supporters subsequently filed a complain at the military headquarters in Abuja showing evidence of the soldiers involvement in the parish's leadership tussle.