The Bishop of the Living Faith World Outreach has consistently stressed that he expects his congregation to do more than he is currently doing.  

It is a demand that appears huge but he still believes someone has to attain it somehow. 

I will not forget the day I heard him make that proclamation. 

After last Sunday's declaration, his demand for more became clearer.

I had decided to worship with the Living Faith World Outreach also known as Winners Chapel in Ota, Ogun State one Sunday, just to see how God had blessed the man who had followed God's commands from State to State until he came to settle in Lagos.

A 50,000 capacity church auditorium built in a forest area has opened up the vicinity and people from Lagos State troop in their numbers.


When Bishop David Oyedepo walked to the altar for his sermon I knew the time I was waiting for had come. So, I paid close attention.

The best way to describe him is a walking bible. It was like he had memorised the entire scriptures and I could see why he had been so blessed to be the richest pastor in the world.

Wisdom was in his words.

I paid attention to everything like my life depended on the words he was proclaiming.

Suddenly, I heard him make a demand from his congregation and I wondered how huge the task would be.

“If you stop where I stopped then you have failed,” he said.  

I tried to get the figures to attach to the statement to make it plain and more understandable, but I could not.

Why has he said this? I pondered.

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In the 50,000 capacity building the church holds five services every Sunday and I also thought of other chapels within Nigeria, in other African countries and then the entire world.

It was difficult to place a figure to the number of individuals that he had under his watch and the number anyone looking to wear his shoes should pursue at least to do better.

On Sunday, January 14, however, while making a declaration about the killings perpetrated by herdsmen in Benue State, Bishop Oyedepo said he had one out of every 150 Nigerians under his watch and that statement settled the figure I have been looking for.

The task is now plain, for anyone to consider wearing his big shoes as a minister there is a huge task of at least having 2 out of every 150 Nigerians under his watch.

In case you are wondering there are about 180 million Nigerians resident in the country - this means he has about 1.2 million Nigerians in his stewardship.

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