More revelations are emerging about Yusuf Buhari, the son of President Muhammadu Buhari, who was involved in an accident in the Gwarimpa area of Abuja on Tuesday evening.

Information from the presidency about the incident was that he had a broken limb (leg) and a head injury.

Earlier on Friday it was reported that the son of the President was still in coma after undergoing a successful surgery at the Ceda Crest Hospital, Abuja. This situation has triggered fear.

How severe could Yusuf Buhari's head injury could be is one question that is beginning to bother the family and concerned Nigerians since the internal injury does not show to the physical eyes.

Bounce News had a chat with a Consultant Family Physician, Mr Ademola Orolu.


He said there were different levels of head injuries that could occur in a bike accident.

1.       Bleeding into the brain

2.       Contusion of the brain tissue or a bruise of the brain tissue

3.       Skull fracture

Some scholars have claimed that one physical impact that head injury such as bleeding into the brain could have on an individual was stroke.

Medical reports say concusion occurs in 20 to 30% of severe head injuries. It could cause a decline in mental function in the long term, and in an emergency setting may result in brain herniation, a life-threatening condition in which parts of the brain are squeezed past parts of the skull.

Skull fracture is another severe injury and this could occur when there is a major impact or blow to the head that is strong enough to break the bone. There are higher chances that the brain may not be affected when the skull breaks.

The final resultant effect of head injury occurs if the vital centre of the brain like cardiorespiratory centre is affected.

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Dr Orolu said such injury could lead to death.

The Gwarimpa road that Buhari’s son was riding on when he had his bike accident was a smooth tarred road.

There are chances that the son of the President may not have had a helmet on or may have forgotten to strap the helmet if he had one. 

Falling off a bike on such a road typically results in the head and limbs hitting the tarred road.

For a broken leg to have occurred on such road, the accident may have been more severe than had been imagined.

So could a broken limb lead to coma? Bounce News asked the doctor again.

"If there is excessive blood loss from broken limbs, the individual may lose consciousness. Otherwise there is no coma from broken limbs," Dr. Orolu added.

A former bike user, Mr Ezuma Ukwu, also told Bounce News that helmets could also cause head injuries, but stressed that only the poor-quality helmets could do that.

“Poor quality helmet will give cuts to the head if there's an accident,” he said.

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But the son of a president is not likely to use a poor quality helmet, most Nigerians will believe.

Mr Ukwu said he bought his helmet for 50,000 Naira in 2005 and that is before the recession war that has forced the price of most foreign commodities up.

Did the son of the President, who is in coma from his injuries, err on the side of caution? Only proper investigation and time shall tell.