One place to see free naked bodies - Big Brother auditions.

This is according to the former Managing Director for M-Net Africa, Biola Alabi who said this during a recent interview with Bounce News.

“I love Big Brother. Human beings are fascinating to watch, the things that they do to get into the house is amazing, There was someone we asked once, would you consider yourself daring? 

“The person got naked. During the Big Brother editions people get naked more at the auditions than the real live show" the media mogul revealed.

After leaving Multichoice, Alabi launched Biola Alabi Media, with which she has produced popular television series called ‘Bukas And Joints’ and an upcoming Nollywood film titled “Banana Island Ghost’

“Banana Island Ghost is  entertaining, you will laugh, I knew it was a story that people will learn from so I became part of the project” she said of her newest project.

Biola Alabi is also the founder of “Grooming for Greatness”, a leadership development and mentorship program for a new generation for African leaders.